Plans to streamline UK driver licensing

11 August 2022

The Department for Transport (DfT) has issued a call for evidence into a range of options it is considering, “to help more people access well-paid jobs in haulage” as part of its ongoing work to tackle the driver shortage, support new haulage jobs and bolster the UK supply chain.

Employers must prepare for a warmer future

11 August 2022

After last month’s record-breaking temperatures and with more hot weather expected in mid-August, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is asking employers to ensure that extreme heat becomes part of their long-term planning.

Demand for staff and starting salaries continue to rise

11 August 2022

With rising fuel and energy prices, inflation and labour shortages hurting employer confidence, the latest UK Report on Jobs survey from KPMG and REC (the Recruitment and Employment Confederation) registered the slowest increases in both permanent staff appointments and temp billings for 17 months.

Peers call for continuation of Northern Ireland Protocol grace periods

11 August 2022

The European Commission is said to be watching the passage of the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill through Parliament with growing concern as it believes that the proposed legislation will allow the UK to unilaterally alter the requirements of the Protocol with regard to trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Hydrogen refuelling service stations for HGVs

10 August 2022

Aiming to serve key roads in the north of England, the UK’s leading hydrogen refuelling business has announced its partnership with Exelby Services to develop hydrogen refuelling stations at its Coneygarth and Golden Fleece service station locations along the A1(M) and M6 motorways.

WTO issues new edition of World Tariff Profiles

9 August 2022

Jointly prepared with the International Trade Centre and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the 2022 edition of World Tariff Profiles has been issued by the World Trade Organisation (WTO).