Daily contact testing rolled out to further critical sectors

29 July 2021

We reported last week that certain critical workers would be able to leave self-isolation in exceptional circumstances and with permission from Government Departments (see Fully vaccinated critical workers may be able to leave self-isolation).

Studies on effectiveness of lateral flow tests

26 July 2021

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has highlighted the findings from three studies on the real-world use of rapid tests, known as lateral flow devices (LFDs), arguing that it confirms their effectiveness under a variety of conditions.

Multilateral Agreement M338

23 July 2021

The United Kingdom has countersigned Multilateral Special Agreement RID 4/2021, and Multilateral Agreement M338 under section 1.5.1 ADR concerning the carriage of BUTADIENES AND HYDROCARBON MIXTURE, STABILIZED of Class 2.