What's New

New ACT counter-terrorism e-learning resource developed

24 May 2018

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) has released a new web-based e-learning product designed for all UK-based companies and organisations.

Heat networks consultation

24 May 2018

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has published the initial findings of a market study into heat networks. The study, which was launched in December 2017, was set up to look into providing greater protection for customers, ensuring that they are getting a good deal in areas such as price, quality and service levels.

Government to fund cladding removal

23 May 2018

Local councils and housing associations will shortly be able to apply for funding to remove and replace unsafe cladding.

Public venues face “ever-changing attack profile”

22 May 2018

Ahead of the first anniversary of the bombing at Manchester Arena, which killed 22 people, experts in event safety and security have urged those responsible for managing sporting, music and other events to thoroughly take stock of the risks they face.

Ofwat announces plans for reforms of water industry

21 May 2018

The water regulator, Ofwat, has set out an agenda of reforms for the water sector which are designed to enhance protections for customers.

Variety essential in workplace design

21 May 2018

Over the past decade or so, organisations have been persuaded that open offices increase engagement and collaboration; but some research now suggests that open-office environments do not necessarily perform so well and that people collaborate in diverse ways that need to be taken into account.

Improving workstyle can lead to productivity gains

21 May 2018

According to a new study, the UK could “reshape its economic future if organisations were to optimise their workplaces”.

Pothole insurance claims

17 May 2018

The Local Government Association (LGA) has responded to recent AA research into potholes, saying that “only long-term, consistent and fairer Government investment in local road maintenance can allow councils to embark on the widespread improvement of our roads that is desperately needed”.

Fair and prompt payment for smaller businesses

15 May 2018

The Cabinet Office Minister for Implementation, Oliver Dowden, recently announced the launch of a range of “tough” new measures that aim to “level the playing field” for smaller businesses that are bidding to win Government contracts. This move follows concerns about fair and prompt payment in the construction industry supply chain.

Facilities management sector following Carillion

15 May 2018

It has now been confirmed that 22 former Carillion facilities management contracts have been reallocated to different outsourced providers; 14 have been resolved on a permanent basis, while it is expected that the rest will be made permanent shortly.