Claiming the Job Retention Bonus from next February

5 October 2020

When the Chancellor announced his package of measures in July, he included a Job Retention Bonus. This is a £1000 one-off taxable payment to employers for each eligible employee that they furlough and keep continuously employed until 31 January 2021.

Chancellor announces new Job Support Scheme and dispenses Budget

25 September 2020

It is to say the least unusual for a Chancellor to cancel one of the Government’s financial set-pieces of the year — in this case the Autumn Budget planned for November — but as Rishi Sunak explained to fellow MPs these are unprecedented times.

Bus use slashed during pandemic

23 September 2020

Bus and coach passenger charity, Bus Users, recently carried out a survey of 440 people to find out how they felt about returning to passenger transport travel now that lockdown has eased in most areas.

New bus passenger community launches

21 September 2020

National passenger research and campaign group, Transport Focus, has issued a report summarising the findings from bus passengers in the group’s new Transport User Community covering their thoughts on returning to bus travel after lockdown.

Ditch the car and transform the school run

16 September 2020

Several transport and environmental charities have come together to appeal to families to transform the school run so that all pupils can get to school via climate-safe, healthy modes of travel.