Don’t wash fruit and veg with disinfectant

29 May 2020

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has recently urged people not to wash fruit and vegetables with disinfectant, explaining that using water alone can remove surface contaminants.

Key COVID-19 guidance for primary care

28 May 2020

All practice staff must be made aware of the NHS England standard operating procedure (SOP), and the latest case definitions and guidance on patients at most risk of severe illness as a result of COVID-19, including those advised to shield themselves and other at-risk groups.

GPs still required to notify PHE of all suspected COVID-19 cases

27 May 2020

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has confirmed that the legal requirement on GPs to alert Public Health England (PHE) of any "suspected" cases of Coronavirus, which was listed as a "notifiable" disease at the beginning of March, remains in force.

HSE reminder on water systems safety in lockdown

21 May 2020

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has reminded building occupiers, businesses and other duty holders restarting operations after the COVID-19 shutdown to review their water systems maintenance arrangements to avoid creating a public health hazard from waterborne bacteria such as legionella.

The privacy implications of workplace testing

20 May 2020

With the Government encouraging more people to return to work, assuming they are not among the group who can work from home, employers are having to think seriously about what measures they will need to ensure workplace safety.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 — be kind

19 May 2020

Kindness is the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, currently taking place up to Sunday 24 May 2020, which aims to highlight the benefits of helping others to improve mental health and wellbeing and reduce stress during and following the COVID-19 pandemic.