Ockenden Review leads to new NHS maternity leadership training

13 January 2021

Hundreds of NHS maternity and neonatal leaders in England will benefit from a new £500,000 maternity leadership programme which will aim to apply lessons learned both from the pandemic and maternity safety inquiries, including the Ockenden Review.

CQC launches consultation on new strategy

12 January 2021

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has launched a consultation on its draft strategy, which has been developed to enable more effective regulation for the future.

Covid-19 Vaccine Moderna receives regulatory approval

12 January 2021

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has approved the Covid-19 Vaccine Moderna for use in the UK on 8 January 2021 and has published information for healthcare professionals on its properties and the conditions attached to its use.

British research on Ivermectin for treatment of Covid-19

8 January 2021

British researchers have been examining and pooling data from a wide range of international studies — including Argentina, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan, Spain, Egypt, India and the USA — and found that the anti-parasitic medicine Ivermectin not only reduces deaths from Covid-19 but can be used to protect doctors and nurses, as well as others who have had contact with ill people, from getting the virus.

GP guidance on Covid-19 vaccination of care home residents

5 January 2021

GPs are to be paid an extra £10 for every Covid-19 vaccine dose they give to care home residents or staff, in addition to a £12.58 item-of-service fee, due additional time and resources needed to deliver the vaccination programme in care homes.