Budget points the way to a new post-Covid economy

27 October 2021

What follows may not come as a total surprise, given that the Government has leaked most of its good news about transport, health and education in advance. This is why Chancellor Rishi Sunak was sharply reminded by the Deputy Speaker, Dame Eleanor Laing, that MPs expect to hear the news from him, not the media.

Consultations ending on VCOD and free PPE extension for health and care

26 October 2021

Following the Government’s decision that Covid-19 vaccination is required of people entering a Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered adult care home unless exempt, the consultation on whether such vaccination as a condition of deployment (VCOD) should be extended to other health and care settings for Covid-19 and flu came to an end on 22 October.

NLW will rise to £9.50 in April 2022

26 October 2021

The Treasury has announced that the National Living Wage will increase next April to £9.50 per hour. This represents a 6.6% increase. These new rates will be effective from 1 April 2022.

GP diabetes health checks fewer due to pandemic

19 October 2021

Recent research has highlighted a fall in the number of GP diabetes health checks during the Covid-19 pandemic, with older people from deprived areas experiencing the greatest reductions.