Labour plans to reintroduce 48-hour target to see GP

23 May 2014

Earlier this month, Labour leader Ed Miliband announced his plans for the NHS and promised an extra £100 million a year for GP services to enable three million more appointments a year, relieve pressure on accident and emergency units and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.

Report looks at Better Care Fund allocation and integration in practice

22 May 2014

A new report describes the findings of an audit into the allocation of the Better Care Fund, the Government’s £3.8 billion fund to drive integration in 2015–2016, and has concluded that it will be used to meet rising social care needs rather than transform services.

Care Act 2014 becomes law

15 May 2014

The Care Act 2014, described as the biggest overhaul of adult social care law and practice in more than 60 years, has been approved in Parliament and received Royal Assent on 14 May.

Unplanned admissions DES guide launched

14 May 2014

A British Medical Association (BMA) general practitioners’ committee (GPC) guide has been launched in an attempt to convince GPs that the directed enhanced service (DES) for tackling new unplanned admissions will not create too much additional workload.

Partnership launched for greater openness in health and care integration

14 May 2014

The Department of Health (DH) has announced that its National Stakeholder Forum will be replaced with a new Health and Care Partnership, which has been tasked with developing a more inclusive, open and ongoing relationship between the Government and health and care partners.

Choose and Book IT system to be replaced

14 May 2014

NHS England has announced that the contract for the national electronic appointment booking service, Choose and Book, which was introduced in 2004, is coming to an end and will be superseded by a new “NHS e-Referral Service”.

Latest AfC pay circular released

8 May 2014

Pay Circular (AfC) 1/2014 was published by NHS Employers on 24 March 2014 with details of the latest payscales (effective from 1 April 2014) for those on Agenda for Change terms and conditions in England.

DH publishes good practice in improving care for vulnerable groups

7 May 2014

The Department of Health (DH) has published a good practice guide, Promising Practice: Enabling Better Access to Primary Care for Vulnerable Groups, which includes examples of good primary care practice that improves registration and access to care for vulnerable groups.