Coronavirus deaths in care are big concern

18 June 2020

The Local Government Association (LGA) which represents councils in England and Wales has expressed concern about the levels of deaths from Covid-19 in care homes.

Night shift work: Yes, it can cause cancer, says WHO

16 June 2020

A prestigious agency of the World Health Organization (WHO) has, once again, come out and classified night shift work as “probably” carcinogenic to humans, after a great deal of heated debate on the subject in recent years.

Night shift workers up to 30% more at risk from injury or ill-health

11 June 2020

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, key workers, including those working in the healthcare, utility and transport sectors, are not only the most exposed to Covid-19 but they are also 25–30% more likely to suffer from health-related illness or sustain an injury if they work night shifts.