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Environment coalition launches post-Brexit green manifesto

23 February 2017

The Greener UK coalition has launched its manifesto calling on the Government to restore and enhance the environment, as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

Meet Albert — the BBC’s carbon emissions tracker

22 February 2017

From April 2017, all programmes commissioned by the BBC must use the Albert carbon calculator to measure their carbon emissions and ensure best practice to reduce environmental impacts.

Brexit could leave a vacuum in UK environmental protection

21 February 2017

Governmental self-regulation of the environment will not be an adequate substitute for EU legal system post-Brexit, and an effective domestic enforcement mechanism will be necessary to ensure that the objectives of environmental legislation continue to be met, a Lords Select Committee report concludes.

Major emissions reductions in supply chains

17 February 2017

Global businesses report significant reductions of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in their supply chains, according to a recent study.

MEPs overhaul EU vehicle emission rules

15 February 2017

In the wake of the VW vehicle emissions scandal, MEPs have amended EU rules to make environmental and safety testing more independent and more transparent.

Heineken agrees to enforcement undertaking after pollution incident

15 February 2017

The Environment Agency (EA) has said that the brewer Heineken has accepted an enforcement undertaking (EU) agreeing to pay £160,000 following a pollution incident on a Herefordshire Brook that saw several thousand fish killed.

UK green construction expertise wins international contract

13 February 2017

UK green construction and architectural expertise will build the first ever green administration headquarters, powered by renewables, in the city of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Companies agree to enforcement undertaking terms to avoid prosecution

10 February 2017

The Environment Agency (EA) has released details of four cases in which charities will receive more than £1.5 million for projects benefiting wildlife and the environment as a result of enforcement action.

Government U-turn on toxic waste to landfill

10 February 2017

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) will continue to allow hazardous waste to be dumped at landfill sites, despite the Government’s earlier intentions to end the practice.

Waitrose driving the UK green truck campaign

10 February 2017

Supermarket chain, Waitrose, has launched a new fleet of gas-powered trucks which it claims will be less polluting and more fuel efficient than conventional diesel trucks.