Unions spell out key safeguards for schools to reopen

11 May 2020

A vital step in any Government plan to relax the current lockdown restrictions is to allow children to return to school but the TUC, acting for a group of unions, has warned that there are important tests that must be met before this can happen.

Prime Minister sets out cautious and conditional plan

11 May 2020

If employers were reading the newspapers at the beginning of last week, they could have been forgiven for expecting a major shift in the Government’s approach to dealing with the coronavirus, if not quite a return to “normal”.

MPs criticise “golden ticket” for children with SEND

7 May 2020

Having examined provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), the Public Accounts Committee has issued a report saying that they are seeing their education, well-being and life chances damaged by failings in provision.

Questions on COVID-19 deaths among black and Asian workers

5 May 2020

An occupational health expert says there are “legitimate questions” to be asked about whether ethnicity — specifically Black, Asian and minority ethnicity (BAME) in Britain — is a risk factor for contracting COVID-19 and for poorer clinical outcomes from the infection.

Government consults on how workplaces can reopen

4 May 2020

Trade unions and employer organisations have been asked for their views on a draft Government plan setting out how and when anti-coronavirus restrictions can be relaxed so that more people can return to work.

Eligibility dates for Job Retention Scheme updated

1 May 2020

The Government guidance for employers on the Job Retention Scheme has been updated as of 15 April 2020. Eligibility for the Scheme has changed and the key date for eligibility is now 19 March 2020 instead of 28 February 2020.

Furlough, parental and adoption leave

29 April 2020

The Government has announced that furloughed workers planning to take paid parental or adoption leave will be entitled to pay based on their usual earnings rather than a furloughed pay rate.