Concerns over use of CCTV to monitor teachers

2 April 2014

The results of a survey of 7500 teachers by the NASUWT teachers’ union suggests that CCTV cameras are being used to spy on teachers. Such cameras were introduced in schools to protect both staff and pupils but, while most teachers acknowledge that it does indeed serve this purpose, one-third felt that the way it is being used amounts to an invasion of their professional privacy.

HSE Myth Case 257

12 March 2014

The HSE has published Myth Case 257 following an enquiry from an employee who was told that due to the COSHH Regulations, they could not leave hand wash materials they purchased themselves in the toilets and could not use any of their own cleaning materials.

Asbestos victims to get £123,000 in compensation

12 March 2014

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has published details of its new compensation scheme, due to start in April 2014, confirming that asbestos victims will receive £123,000 in compensation.