Ofsted to implement changes to post-inspection process

27 November 2023

We reported in June that Ofsted was seeking views on proposals to significantly change its complaints process for education settings, including early years providers (see Ofsted launches consultation on complaints procedure).

Children’s Commissioner speaks out on school attendance

13 November 2023

Following the pandemic, school absence rates have become stuck at crisis levels, according to the Children’s Commissioner with the result that, last year, over one in five children were persistently absent, meaning they missed on average at least a day a fortnight in school.

Proposals for a mandatory reporting duty in child sexual abuse cases

7 November 2023

Earlier this year, we reported that the Home Office had called for evidence on how implementing a duty to report child sexual abuse was likely to impact children, organisations and affected workforces and volunteers (see Mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse).

Artificial Intelligence to provide support for teachers

7 November 2023

As the prime minister hosts a global summit to discuss the potential risks of artificial intelligence (AI), the Department for Education (DfE) has unveiled a more positive aspect of the new developments in computers with cognitive skills.

First ever hackathon in education to explore AI

23 October 2023

Teachers and school leaders from across England are set to participate in an artificial intelligence (AI) hackathon as part a two-day event to experiment with technology and identify how AI could supercharge education.