Licence revoked for lacking a functioning transport manager

11 May 2022

At a recent public inquiry, it was found that a named transport manager had never performed any of the required duties and responsibilities necessary to fulfil the role. He had therefore failed to download tachograph data, had not ensured vehicles were given safety inspections at stated six-week intervals, had failed to ensure brake tests were carried out and had not ensured that safety inspection records were completed correctly.

Government funding to support a more efficient transport system

6 May 2022

In total, 51 projects have been awarded a share of £1.95 million in funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) as part of the Government’s Transport Research and Innovation Grant (TRIG) programme, the largest number of projects backed in the programme’s history.

Border changes planned for July 2022 are postponed

6 May 2022

Operators moving goods between the UK and the EU will be aware the Government has delayed introducing checks on food products coming into the country a few times, although the EU put its equivalent checks in place promptly after Brexit was finalised.

Transport operator loses licence for fronting

4 May 2022

A revoked operator, who used another company to hide the fact they were continuing to operate illegally, has been told by Nick Denton, Traffic Commissioner for the West Midlands, that this was a clear case of fronting.

Haulage company fined after worker death

4 May 2022

An employee of J R Adams (Newcastle) Ltd, Keith Robson, died while unloading goods from a transport shipping container that was on the back of a large goods road vehicle trailer at the company premises in Gateshead.

UK ports unhappy with decision to defer border checks

4 May 2022

We reported in April that the introduction of the remaining import controls on EU goods, already postponed on several occasions, would not be introduced on 1 July as previously announced but would now be delayed until the end of 2023 (see Government drops July deadline for introducing import controls on EU goods).