Lorries can do 50 on the A9

17 October 2014

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has given its support to the 50mph heavy goods vehicle (HGV) speed limit trial which starts on the A9 in Scotland later this month.

Younger recruits could bring valuable skills to logistics

16 October 2014

Yet another warning about skills shortages in the industry as new research by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) suggests that logistics firms risk being left behind unless they take urgent action.

UK's greenest refrigerated lorry hits the road

15 October 2014

Featuring a diesel-electric drivetrain that offers fuel savings and correspondingly lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, possibly Britain’s most environmentally-friendly refrigerated truck has been brought into service by a Surrey dairy.

Load security for XL-rated vehicles

14 October 2014

In 2006, European Standard EN 12642 XL was adopted to determine (under test conditions) the load bearing capacity of certain goods-carrying vehicles. It covers the load-bearing capacity of both box vans and curtainsided bodywork.

The truck that thinks ahead

13 October 2014

Increased visibility for truck drivers is high on the agenda at the moment for organisations ranging from the European Commission to UK cycling clubs so Volvo's announcement of a vehicle offering a 360 degree scan is timely.

New tachograph exemptions in force next year

10 October 2014

EU Regulation 3821/85 on recording equipment in road transport has been at the heart of the UK's rules on tachographs for nearly 30 years but will next year be replaced by Regulation 165/2014.

Satnav mayhem comes to Scotland

9 October 2014

When satnavs were still a novelty, there seemed to be regular stories of lorry drivers following the instructions into dead-ends and ponds but these seem largely to have died out with drivers now rarely sent on the road to nowhere.

Update on the Jackson Report and implementation

8 October 2014

Lord Justice Jackson’s key task in his report on litigation funding in England and Wales was to address disproportionate costs in civil litigation, with the intention of making it cheaper and more efficient.

Two strikes and you're out

8 October 2014

If a Traffic Commissioner (TC) tells you to smarten up your act then it would be wise to pay attention because they do not give second chances, or so the directors of Fio's Cash and Carry Ltd have discovered.