Tesco slashes emissions by using sea and rail

8 May 2014

Retailer Tesco has announced that it has cut its freight transport emissions by 14% over the past two years by turning to sea and rail travel across Europe instead of travelling eight million miles by road.

Irish motorway gets major EU financial backing

7 May 2014

With Ireland being one of the UK's major trading partners, British lorry drivers will no doubt welcome the news that the European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to provide €144 million for construction of a new motorway link in the west of that country.

Keeping it quiet: out-of-hours deliveries

6 May 2014

According to Transport Minister Stephen Hammond, new guidance published by the Government could help reduce traffic jams by enabling freight operators to make more out-of-hours deliveries.

Dartford Crossing remote payment in force from October

2 May 2014

Remote payment methods are being introduced at the Dartford Crossing from October 2014 and the Highways Agency has recently issued more detail in response to customer feedback, including payment methods, exemptions and non-UK drivers.

The present and future of roadworthiness tests

1 May 2014

Vehicle roadworthiness is under the spotlight this week as the EU has just published the three directives making up its “Roadworthiness Package” and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has updated its Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness.

Now Russian firms plead for TIR to be restored

30 April 2014

The long-running battle between the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation (FCS RF) and the Customs transit systems under the TIR procedure has taken a new turn.

Licence application not all it seemed

30 April 2014

“Fronting” is a technique for which Traffic Commissioners (TCs) have a keen eye and which, if proved, will lead to an application for an operator’s licence being refused, as in this case.