Time to give van drivers a break

21 May 2014

According to an RAC survey, Britain is a nation of "vanophobes", with a majority of people unfairly characterising drivers of small commercial vehicles as being careless when it comes to road safety.

Transport manager put client ahead of compliance

20 May 2014

A transport manager who allowed his duties to be severely compromised by the pressure of satisfying his primary customer has been disqualified for 12 months by Traffic Commissioner Kevin Rooney.

Will safer lorry designs be delayed?

19 May 2014

Last month, the European Parliament voted to make safety a fundamental part of changes to lorry dimensions, allowing extra length to lorry cabs among other changes.

Harwich–Esbjerg ferry route to close

15 May 2014

DFDS is blaming new environmental legislation from the EU for the forthcoming closure of the ferry between Harwich and Esbjerg, although it conceded that the route has been struggling with high costs and freight being switched to road transport.

Good news from Glasgow

14 May 2014

After months of requesting that detailed information regarding the Commonwealth Games should be provided to the freight industry, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has confirmed that it is now optimistic that plans will be delivered in time.

Dartford Crossing getting ready for Dart Charge

13 May 2014

Work has started on installing gantries which will house signage and technology associated with the new Dart Charge remote payment system scheduled to come into operation at the Dartford Crossing from October 2014.

Tax man gets tough on cheating operators

12 May 2014

Illegal use of red (duty-rebated) diesel can get operators into serious trouble with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) but Addlestone-based Capital Demolition Ltd found that its troubles did not end there.

Smile, my truck is filming you

9 May 2014

Cyclists wear them, some horse-riders do too, as will police officers in a recently announced trial, and now truckers are the latest to turn to cameras to record what other people are getting up to on the road.

UK hauliers side with France in cabotage debate

8 May 2014

Last month we reported that France had warned the European Commission not to push ahead with further liberalisation of the cabotage rules and support has come for the French argument from one of the UK's leading haulage organisations.