Government plan to boost freight and driver facilities

17 June 2022

According to the Department for Transport (DfT), millions of people across the UK will be encouraged to kickstart a rewarding career in logistics as the Government launches a multimillion-pound plan to bolster the supply chain and create a more resilient and greener haulage sector.

UK move to fix Northern Ireland Protocol faces EU legal challenge

15 June 2022

The Government has introduced proposed legislation to amend the Northern Ireland Protocol which will, it said, ensure the delicate balance of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement is protected in all its dimensions while providing robust safeguards for the EU single market.

Unmarked spy cabs to commence action on M6

13 June 2022

It is over six years since the police began using unmarked lorries to film HGV and other drivers on the move, but they remain continually able to identify bad examples of driving that might act as warnings to others.

Urgent action needed on fuel prices

13 June 2022

With diesel prices up by 63% globally since January 2021, the International Road Transport Union (IRU) has launched a 17-point emergency plan for governments to tackle rising fuel prices and their impact on transport networks, energy security and decarbonisation plans.

EU plan to protect transport in times of crisis

9 June 2022

The European Commission has adopted a Contingency Plan for Transport to strengthen the resilience of EU transport in times of crisis. The plan draws lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic as well as taking into account the challenges the EU transport sector has been facing since the beginning of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

Proposed type-approval scheme for UK road vehicles

8 June 2022

During the UK’s membership of the EU the procedures for approving most road vehicles and their parts before they could be sold or registered, were set out in various EU regulatory frameworks, known as type-approval frameworks.

Warning to UK’s road freight supply chain

7 June 2022

Report by the UK Parliament’s Transport Committee has concluded that the logistics sector should be given two years to deliver sufficient drivers, workers and facilities, including high-quality services and welfare, or the Government should step in and implement a Supply Chain Levy.