Tesco slashes emissions by using sea and rail

8 May 2014

Retailer Tesco has announced that it has cut its freight transport emissions by 14% over the past two years by turning to sea and rail travel across Europe instead of travelling eight million miles by road.

Slow down in air freight growth

8 May 2014

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), air freight markets in March were up 5.9% compared to a year ago and capacity grew 3.4%.

UK companies have a sporting chance of success

7 May 2014

Visiting London's Olympic Park last week, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe signed a Memorandum of Cooperation paving the way for close collaboration between the UK and Japan on the planning of major sports events.

An Ambassador for exports

6 May 2014

The man who is currently the British Ambassador to the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Dominic Jermey, has been named as the new Chief Executive of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI).

Advice for those trading in Russia and Ukraine

2 May 2014

Daily news bulletins underline an increasingly serious situation in Ukraine as tensions in the area threaten relationships between the EU, and its Member States, and Russia.

Experts highlight the perils of packing

1 May 2014

The hazards of incorrect packing of containers and CTUs (cargo transport units) of all types were highlighted at Multimodal 2014 recently by specialist insurer TT Club.

Groups call for NHS exemption from EU and US trade treaty

30 April 2014

Negotiations over removing barriers to trade between the EU and the United States, which commenced in July last year, have prompted the shadow health secretary to call for an exemption for the NHS in order to protect it from market forces and international competition law.

Bahrain opens for business

30 April 2014

Bahrain has become the 74th country to implement the ATA Carnet system that allows for the temporary duty and tax-free export or import of goods for up to one year, the International Chamber of Commerce has confirmed.

London Distribution Park a step closer

29 April 2014

The owners of London Distribution Park (LDP) — Forth Ports Ltd and Roxhill Developments Ltd — have announced the completion of the infrastructure works for their 70-acre warehousing development located beside the Port of Tilbury.