The importance of raw materials

5 June 2014

A smartphone might contain up to 50 different metals, all of which help to give it its light weight and user-friendly small size, and that, according to the European Commission, is just one reason why raw materials are vitally important.

Facility launched to boost UK exports

4 June 2014

UK Export Finance has launched its £5 billion Export Refinancing Facility (ERF) to enable UK-based exporters to offer competitive long-term financing to overseas buyers who require loans in excess of £50 million to purchase UK capital goods and services.

EU split on trade defence matters

3 June 2014

The European Commission has given a robust answer to critics from France, Spain and Italy who have attacked its proposals to introduce new guidelines on trade defence matters.

New Russia service launched

2 June 2014

It could perhaps have chosen a slightly more propitious moment, in political terms, but Norbert Dentressangle’s freight forwarding division (Norbert Dentressangle Overseas) has announced the launch of new services from the UK to Russia.

EU was right to ban trade in seal products

30 May 2014

In a move that surely even UKIP would not vote against, the EU decided to ban the importation and marketing of seal products after huge public protests at the way seal pups are killed, but then found itself at odds with Canada and Norway.

EU and Russia at odds over trade

29 May 2014

The European Union has requested consultations with Russia in the World Trade Organization (WTO) concerning anti-dumping duties imposed on imports of light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

EU still prime market for UK exporters

28 May 2014

The International Trade Survey (published by AIG and The Institute of Export) reports that 49.5% of UK companies consider the EU as critical to business, a proportion that has grown from 45% last year.

Latest figures take the shine off BRICs

27 May 2014

For some time the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have been the markets of choice for exporters but, having powered global growth for the past five years, the world's largest emerging markets are now facing new challenges at home.

SMEs rewarded for their part in trade mission

23 May 2014

What is the name of the ninth largest country in the world, with a population of over 170 million people (more than double the UK) and offering good trade routes into surrounding countries?

Focus on Zambia

22 May 2014

Last year, British Expertise took part in a visit to Zambia to check out that country's potential for British exporters.