It's China and Hong Kong week

26 June 2014

The International Festival for Business 2014 (IFB), running for seven weeks in Liverpool this summer, is featuring a number of special weeks devoted to particular markets and 30 June to 4 July is China and Hong Kong week.

Dangerous shipments stopped at port

25 June 2014

There are rules concerning the types of waste that can be exported, but repeat offender Joe Benson clearly thought that they did not apply to him. He now has a possible 16 months in prison to think again.

IFB puts the focus on ASEAN

24 June 2014

The International Festival for Business (IFB) 2014 is the largest global concentration of business events during 2014. Running for seven weeks in June and July it will attract business delegates and trade intermediaries to Liverpool from around the world.

China ready to put beef and lamb back on the menu

23 June 2014

British meat could be heading to China in a new deal that could be worth up to £120 million to the UK economy each year following agreement between the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Chinese authorities.

Trading with China set to get cheaper

20 June 2014

Visits from foreign dignitaries used to involve an exchange of gifts where our Prime Minister would offer something like a copy of Magna Carta printed on vellum in exchange for a silver model of the other country's state bird.

Exporting to Emerging Europe

19 June 2014

UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) is urging potential and existing exporters to consider the opportunities for all UK companies offered by the countries of central and eastern Europe (CEE).

EU seeks to bring Ecuador into the game

18 June 2014

The Trade Agreement in place between the EU and the Andean countries does not currently include Ecuador but the European Commission has recently reported on the third round of negotiations to try to rectify that situation.

SME exporters can bank on this support

16 June 2014

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and Santander have entered into a partnership to support the UK's small and medium-sized exporters.

Biggest UK trade fair in over 60 years

13 June 2014

The International Festival for Business (IFB) is up and running in the Liverpool City Region where the next two months should see more than 250,000 visitors from more than 80 countries.