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EU trade talks with Mercosur go on, and on

11 December 2018

The famous prediction that UK trade talks with the EU could be completed in an afternoon looked fairly unlikely when it was made and seems even more so as the complications of agreeing trade deals have become more apparent.

UK signs customs deal with Crown Dependencies

10 December 2018

The UK has agreed post-Brexit customs arrangements with the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

More HMRC advice if you only trade with the EU

7 December 2018

In October, we reported on a partnership pack produced by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) consisting of 20 “high-level guides” on procedures that are likely to apply in a no-deal scenario (see How to trade if there’s a no deal EU exit).

Lack of no-deal Brexit plans potentially toxic

6 December 2018

The level of secrecy surrounding no-deal Brexit preparations being made by the Department for Transport (DfT), coupled with a lack of information about the progress being made, is a potentially toxic combination.

Government legislates for trade after Brexit

5 December 2018

Amidst all the arguments about how the UK will leave the EU, it is clear that there will be a significant impact on trade and that the Government will have to amend the 40 years of legislation that has accrued since the UK joined the EEC.

British exports support millions of jobs

4 December 2018

A new analysis by the European Commission reveals the extensive links between exports and jobs in all the Member States, including the UK. In total, global exports from the EU support 36 million jobs across Europe and generate €2.3 trillion of value added.

East of England reaches out to China

3 December 2018

Business and political leaders from the Eastern region have launched the East of England China Forum which aims to stimulate inward investment, tourism, student numbers and export opportunities with China.

New scheme to support Scottish exporters

30 November 2018

CBI Scotland has joined the Scottish Government in an initiative to help Scotland reclaim its place as a first-class exporter and a trading nation. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Trade Minister Ivan McKee provided details of peer-to-peer mentoring to support the next wave of Scottish exporters.

Scots fear trade could be hit by Brexit deal

29 November 2018

More than half of Scotland’s international exports in 2016 were to the EU or countries with an EU trade deal and Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell is worried that the UK Government’s draft Brexit deal could put this trade in jeopardy.

New Zealand consults on free trade agreement with the UK

28 November 2018

The New Zealand Government has decided to canvass views about a post-Brexit free trade agreement (FTA) with the UK by issuing a call for written submissions.