Nearly zero energy requirements for new buildings

4 March 2021

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has issued a circular letter informing building control bodies about how to meet nearly zero energy buildings requirements for new buildings.

Code of practice for property flood resilience

4 March 2021

CIRIA, the Construction Industry Research and Information Association, has published Guidance on the Code of Practice for Property Flood Resilience (C790B) together with Making your Property More Flood Resilient— How the Code of Practice for Property Flood Resilience Can Help (C790C).

Budget 2021: jabs, jobs and jump-starting growth

3 March 2021

Introducing his second Budget, emphasising that he will still do “whatever it takes”, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said that his focus was on preventing the growth of unemployment as the country emerges from the latest lockdown.

All lockdown restrictions could be lifted by 21 June

22 February 2021

Arguing that it is impossible to totally eliminate the threat of Covid, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out his plan for lifting the current lockdown, balancing continued caution with the need to restore freedoms and boost the economy.

EU set to recognise UK data protection regime

22 February 2021

Despite the fact that its data protection rules largely mirrored the EU’s own General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), when the UK came out of the transition period on 1 January 2021, it was no longer recognised by the EU has having “adequacy” in this regard.