Asbestos — the “dust cloud lingers”

16 August 2019

A leading cancer journal has analysed the reasons for the recent surge in deaths in the UK due to mesothelioma, warning that the asbestos “dust cloud lingers” to this day.

Silica register launched

15 August 2019

Workers are being urged to sign an online register to record their exposure if they believe they have been exposed to silica dust, in order to support potential future legal cases should they experience long-term health problems.

Toxicity expert resigns from Grenfell Scientific Advisory Group

15 August 2019

Professor Anna Stec has resigned from Grenfell Tower’s Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) investigating potential contamination from chemicals created in the June 2017 fire, stating “nothing is in place” to assess environmental and health risks.

New sustainable road surface uses recycled car tyres

14 August 2019

Highways England is trialling a new eco-friendly road surface which uses recycled waste tyres as part of its asphalt mix. The trial is designed to test the durability and performance of the new type of asphalt in a busy motorway environment. If successful, the new asphalt is believed to potentially have both significant economic and environmental benefits.

Waste worker absences reduced by wheeled bins

13 August 2019

Health experts have concluded that sickness absence rates due to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among council waste collection workers can be reduced by using wheeled bins.