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Gove launches landmark blueprint for resources and waste

18 December 2018

Businesses and manufacturers will pay the full cost of recycling or disposing of their packaging waste, under a major new government strategy unveiled by the Environment Secretary today.

Award-winning office good for environment and people

18 December 2018

Deloitte’s new headquarters in London has won awards for being both environment- and people-friendly.

Breakthrough at climate talks in Poland

17 December 2018

Officials from nearly 200 countries attending the UN climate change talks in Poland have finally agreed on a universal set of rules to cut emissions, but this may not be enough to curb global warming.

UK announces “world-first” zero-carbon cluster at climate talks

17 December 2018

The Government has announced plans to establish the world’s first “net-zero” carbon cluster by 2040, backed by £170 million new funding.

Energy technology can help UK meet carbon reduction targets

17 December 2018

Centrica Business Solutions has published a new report showing how new energy technology could help meet more than half of the UK’s 20% carbon reduction target for 2030, as outlined in the Clean Growth Strategy.

Pesticides: new deadline for cumulative risk assessments

14 December 2018

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has set a new deadline for completion of two pilot assessments on the risks posed to humans by residues of multiple pesticides in food.

Carbon dioxide levels damage productivity

13 December 2018

A study of the effect of indoor office environments in the UK on productivity has revealed that performance declines when carbon dioxide levels are high and temperatures are either too hot or too cold. On top of employee wellbeing, improving air quality and sorting out fluctuating temperatures could increase output.

Regulator updates environmental permitting regime and sets plans to revise charges

12 December 2018

The Environment Agency (EA) has updated its position statements on environmental permits and set out revised charging schemes.

Major oil and gas countries refuse to back UN global warming report

11 December 2018

Climate change talks have faltered following the refusal of major oil and gas producing countries to endorse the UN report on global warming.

Electricity prices could rise by £270 million a year post-Brexit

10 December 2018

Crashing out of the EU could force electricity prices up and undermine UK energy security, according to the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC).