Why employers should be concerned about domestic abuse

9 December 2019

“The silence must be broken and the misunderstanding that domestic abuse is not a workplace issue due to the myth that it only happens at home need to be dispelled. Three-quarters of those affected by domestic abuse are targeted at work.”

Tribunal ruling suggests changes to gig economy

6 December 2019

TUPE protection safeguards the rights of “employees” who work for a business or on a contract that is transferred to another organisation and, until now, has not been thought to apply to “workers”.

Concerns that the minimum wage is becoming politicised

4 December 2019

While the available evidence suggests that there is scope to explore more ambitious increases in the minimum wage in the UK, a leading economic research institute has said that the issue may be becoming too politicised.

Supreme Court extends protection for whistleblowers

3 December 2019

If a manager lies about the reasons for giving an employee poor performance reviews, and suggests that she should be dismissed, is the resultant dismissal fair if the senior person making it honestly believed the false reports?

Mental health the main cause of time lost at work

2 December 2019

The rate of work-related stress, depression and anxiety has shown signs of increasing in recent years and accounted for the loss of 12.8 million working days in 2018/19, an average of 21.2 days lost per case.

People urged to speak up against unacceptable behaviour

28 November 2019

Banners and posters in the Lloyd’s building in London are part of a campaign to highlight the importance of speaking up and to provide clear guidance on how individuals can take action if they see or experience unacceptable behaviour.

Minimum wage is working for the workers

28 November 2019

Both main parties are right to propose plans for an even higher wage floor, independent think tank the Resolution Foundation said, as it released analysis showing that minimum wage increases since 2015 delivered a £3 billion pay boost to low-paid workers last year.