Will the Government take the chance to reduce employment rules?

21 January 2021

Given its insistence that Brexit was about taking back control of its laws, as well as its borders and money, the Government has come under pressure from some of its supporters to cut back on some of the rules introduced through EU law in areas including the environment and employment.

Most requests for furlough turned down for working mums

20 January 2021

Of the over 50,000 working mothers who responded to a TUC survey on the challenges of managing work and childcare during lockdown, nearly three-quarters (71%) of those who have applied for furlough following the latest school closures have had their requests turned down.

Call to improve workplace controls to combat Covid variant

19 January 2021

While making a workplace Covid secure, as far as is reasonably practicable, is the legal responsibility of employers, some have struggled to implement appropriate measures to restrict the potential for occupational exposure to the virus.

Employers may be offered NI relief when hiring veterans

19 January 2021

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has invited comments on proposals that will enable employers to apply a zero-rate secondary Class 1 Employer National Insurance contributions (NICs) on the salaries of veterans during their first year of civilian employment.

Travel corridors to the UK removed

18 January 2021

From 4am on 18 January 2021, due to concerns over new strains of the coronavirus potentially entering the UK, the Government has now taken steps to remove travel corridor options for travellers.

Largest vaccination programme in British history

18 January 2021

With more than 2700 vaccine sites across the UK, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is expecting to see at least 2 million vaccinations per week as the Government sets out its plan for vaccinating tens of millions of people by the Spring.

How to support employees suffering domestic abuse

14 January 2021

Following the publication of the Government’s final report from its Review into Workplace Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse, Business Minister Paul Scully has written an open letter to employers offering guidance on how they can support survivors.