Party perils and the precautionary principle

18 December 2019

“Although moving teams has helped me feel comfortable, as my current manager is a fantastic support, I feel utterly let down in the way this situation was dealt with.”

What the Conservative win means for employers

16 December 2019

While several pundits had begun to predict a Conservative victory, the size of the majority gained by Boris Johnson came as a surprise to most, as his party swept up dozens of constituencies that had been Labour safe seats for many years.

Hiring confidence at the lowest since 2012

13 December 2019

Having interviewed a representative sample of 2101 employers in the UK, the ManpowerGroup’s Employment Outlook Survey for the first quarter 2020 (Q1) shows that they are reporting their weakest hiring confidence in seven years.

Immigration will be controlled, checked and cut

12 December 2019

Hoping that he will soon have the chance to put his plans into action, Boris Johnson has given a little more detail of how he intends to fulfil the Brexit promise of taking back control of the UK’s borders.

Employers advised to come clean about pay

12 December 2019

Only half of permanent employees (51%) think they are paid fairly and even fewer (34%) think that equitable arrangements apply to everyone in their organisation according to a new report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Why employers should be concerned about domestic abuse

9 December 2019

“The silence must be broken and the misunderstanding that domestic abuse is not a workplace issue due to the myth that it only happens at home need to be dispelled. Three-quarters of those affected by domestic abuse are targeted at work.”

Tribunal ruling suggests changes to gig economy

6 December 2019

TUPE protection safeguards the rights of “employees” who work for a business or on a contract that is transferred to another organisation and, until now, has not been thought to apply to “workers”.