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DExEU spells out EU citizens’ rights if there’s a no-deal Brexit

11 December 2018

There have been numerous official advice notes published in recent months on what the Government continues to call “the unlikely event” that the UK leaves the EU without a deal but little has been said about what will happen to people from other Member States working in the UK if it does happen.

Putting pension facts and figures at people’s fingertips

10 December 2018

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is seeking views on how the pensions industry should create free, user-friendly online pensions dashboards that would allow people to access their information from most schemes in one place.

Deliveroo riders lose in High Court

10 December 2018

In recent months we have reported on a number of cases where individuals and unions have argued successfully in court against some aspects of the gig economy (see, for example, Addison Lee loses its appeal against tribunal ruling and Supreme Court victory for plumber).

HMRC flags up rebates for millions of workers

6 December 2018

Nurses, hairdressers, construction workers and people working in retail and food sectors may be able to claim rebates, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has confirmed.

Domestic abuse is a workplace issue

6 December 2018

Employers are being urged by a leading trade union to back a new initiative to support workers experiencing domestic abuse.

Businesses urged to reveal number of disabled employees

5 December 2018

Large employers need to build more inclusive workforces, Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work Sarah Newton said, as she pressed them to reveal the numbers of disabled people they employ.

Calls for action on sexual harassment at work not being heeded

4 December 2018

There appears to be a huge gulf between calls for change on sexual harassment at work and action taken to tackle it.

Most interns work for free in retail, arts and media

3 December 2018

A survey of more than 2600 graduates and 1000 business leaders has revealed that 27% of graduates have taken an unpaid internship but that this number is nearly tripled when it comes to retail (89%), the arts (86%) and the media (83%).

Whistleblowing charity attacks NDAs

3 December 2018

Arguing that they are preventing whistleblowers from speaking out over gagging fears and threats of legal costs, Protect (formerly Public Concern at Work) has called for clearer legislation regarding non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Performance management processes failing staff with disabilities

29 November 2018

Research carried out by Acas has revealed that only a quarter of employers confirmed that their performance management systems are adapted for staff with special needs, disabilities and conditions such as dyslexia and autism.