Grenfell firefighter made London Fire Brigade chief

11 December 2019

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has confirmed the appointment of Andy Roe, the firefighter who revoked the ”stay put” advice at the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, as the Commissioner of London’s Fire Brigade.

Cash retention under construction contracts review

10 December 2019

The Scottish Government is consulting on the practice of cash retention under construction contracts. It believes that some payment practices, such as a misuse or abuse of the cash retention process, are a barrier to investment, productivity and growth.

Looking after your selfie

10 December 2019

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has launched new guidance to help the public develop a healthier, more balanced and meaningful relationship with social media.

A strategy for your energy management system

9 December 2019

With a rapid growth in the awareness of issues relating to energy security and climate change, and the introduction of more significant regulation concerning energy matters, energy management and strategy is fast becoming a requirement in most, if not all, boardrooms.

Antarctic scientists’ brains shrunk after isolation in barren snowscape

9 December 2019

A piece of research has found that the brains of scientists on a polar research expedition shrunk slightly after a year of isolation at an Antarctic research station, leading health experts to speculate that extreme environmental conditions and isolation could affect the human brain.

How witnessing terrorism affects workers

6 December 2019

A new research study has warned that workers who witnessed a terrorist attack were affected greatly in a wide number of ways, with a third of them reducing their working hours as a result, and a similar proportion taking sick leave, highlighting the need for improved support in such circumstances.

2019 — the year welding-induced lung disease was tackled

6 December 2019

The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) has hailed 2019 as the year in which collective efforts against life-threatening lung disease caused by exposures to welding fume “truly started to gain traction in the UK”.