Survey finds employers split between reactive and proactive

15 April 2019

According to the 2019 Health and Well-Being at Work survey produced by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Simplyhealth, employers remain divided in how strategic and proactive they are with regard to employee wellbeing.

Failure to re-engage costs energy company dearly

12 April 2019

Having failed to offer a claimant his job back, as instructed by a tribunal, Scottish & Southern Energy plc (SSE) has been told that it must pay Donald Nutt £226,352, increased from the £140,696 originally awarded.

TUC calls for overhaul of shared parental leave

11 April 2019

With only 1% of new parents who are eligible to take shared parental leave (SPL) taking advantage of this possibility, the TUC has called for an overhaul of the system on the fourth anniversary of its introduction.

Business needs to help women to succeed

10 April 2019

According to the CBI, it is not only morally right that employers should treat women equally over issues such as pay and promotion, it also makes total business sense.

Pressure group hits out at high council earners

9 April 2019

The Taxpayers Alliance (TPA) has published its annual Town Hall Rich List giving a council-by-council breakdown of local government employees on what the pressure group, which lobbies for lower public spending, considers to be excessively high salaries.

Tribunal guidance on injury to feelings

9 April 2019

As the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has pointed out, there is a lot of case law (previous decisions of the courts and tribunals) about the appropriate levels to be awarded with regard to injury to feelings.

Government updates employment rights

9 April 2019

We recently published information about new legislation affecting rights at work (see “Agency workers and employment businesses under the spotlight”).

Average gender pay gap in NHS is 23%

5 April 2019

New data from the Gender Pay Gap in Medicine Review shows that the overall NHS gender pay gap is 23% — something that is at least partly due to the continued dominance of men in senior medical positions.

Stress at work: breaking vicious cycles

5 April 2019

Researchers have warned that 9 out of 10 Brits who always feel stressed in their working week are trapped in a self-destructive cycle of some sort, turning to habits such as unhealthy eating, late nights, excessive amounts of alcohol and irresponsible spending rather than healthier coping mechanisms such as a walk at lunch time, mindfulness or a healthy lunch with lots of water.