Employees blame bosses for poor productivity

9 May 2019

Only half of UK employees consider their organisations to be effective at creating a positive work environment, and only two-fifths (42%) consider their employer to be effective at creating meaningful work.

New indemnity scheme for general practice

9 May 2019

A Government-funded scheme will provide GPs and others providing NHS services for general practice with comprehensive, automatic cover for clinical negligence claims.

Pros and cons of automation in the workplace

8 May 2019

Stephen Hawking famously warned that the development of full artificial intelligence (AI) could spell the end of the human race but a new report suggests that its impact on the workplace has been sometimes overstated.

Are employers ready for T Levels?

1 May 2019

The Government has been urged to work more closely with business on new reforms to technical education or it might risk repeating the same mistakes over the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy.

Call to bring back work experience

1 May 2019

A leading business group has called on the Government to consider the reintroduction of a new form of work experience that is available to all Key Stage 4 students.

UK workers put in longest hours in the EU

29 April 2019

Full-time employees in the UK work two and a half weeks more a year than the EU average, TUC analysis of recent Eurostat data has revealed, meaning that, if not the hardest working in Europe, they certainly put in the most hours.

Businesses urged to save money by focusing on health

26 April 2019

Costing the economy £61 billion, three-quarters of ill-health related absence and presenteeism in 2018 could have been prevented as it is due to factors which can be influenced and addressed through health and productivity management strategies.

Police fight decision to reinstate officer

26 April 2019

Northumbria Police has decided to oppose the decision of an appeal tribunal to overturn the dismissal of a constable who was sacked after colleagues overheard her making racist insults while off-duty on a work night out.