EHRC calls out gender pay gap laggards

17 May 2019

Three organisations that have failed to report their gender pay gap information on time for the second year in a row have been publicly named and shamed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Vegans feel discriminated against at work

16 May 2019

Employers have grown used to the possibilities of discrimination in the workplace for a range of characteristics including gender, race and age but have probably not given a great deal of thought to those on their staff who are vegans.

New rights for police rejoiners

16 May 2019

A rejoiner is someone who is to be appointed as a member of a police force having previously and satisfactorily completed probation in the rank of constable prior to resigning or retiring from the service.

EU Court says employers must record time worked

16 May 2019

A Spanish trade union (CCOO) has taken a case to the EU’s Court of Justice (CJEU) seeking a judgment declaring a bank to be under an obligation to set up a system for recording the time worked each day by its members of staff.

Five days’ pay for four days’ work

15 May 2019

Insurance company Simply Business will become the largest UK firm to experiment with a reduction in working hours when it starts a trial in September which will see hundreds of call centre operators moved to a four-day week with no loss of pay.

Flexibility seen as way ahead for future employment

13 May 2019

Working Families, the work-life balance charity, and leading childcare provider, Bright Horizons, have launched a new report, with key recommendations for employers taken from the 2019 Modern Families Index.

Workplace groper has sentence increased

10 May 2019

A man who sexually assaulted his colleague has had an 18-month community order imposed after Solicitor General Robert Buckland referred the man’s original sentence for being too lenient.

Fresh air and office productivity

10 May 2019

As summer approaches, researchers have reminded employers that better ventilation — plain old fresh air — and comfortable working temperatures — can have important effects on workers’ productivity levels and concentration.