Acas advice on getting coronavirus vaccines for work

1 March 2021

While many office-based workplaces have successfully adapted to homeworking during the pandemic, this has not always been possible and some employers have expressed a desire for their staff to be vaccinated as a workplace requirement.

NHS expands mental health support for staff

26 February 2021

Recognising that they have pushed their minds and bodies to the limit over the last year, the NHS is helping staff to look after their mental health with 40 dedicated support hubs set to open across the country.

Calls for more help as unemployment surges

26 February 2021

With the latest official labour market statistics from the Office for National Statistics showing that the unemployment rate rose to 5% in the three months to November 2020, there have been calls for Government action from a range of organisations.

Deliveroo’s refusal of collective bargaining challenged in Appeal Court

23 February 2021

The rights and wrongs of the gig economy have been argued out once again this week as the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) challenged a previous High Court ruling that Article 11 (Freedom of Association) in the Human Rights Act does not apply to Deliveroo riders.

All lockdown restrictions could be lifted by 21 June

22 February 2021

Arguing that it is impossible to totally eliminate the threat of Covid, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out his plan for lifting the current lockdown, balancing continued caution with the need to restore freedoms and boost the economy.

EU set to recognise UK data protection regime

22 February 2021

Despite the fact that its data protection rules largely mirrored the EU’s own General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), when the UK came out of the transition period on 1 January 2021, it was no longer recognised by the EU has having “adequacy” in this regard.