Budget points the way to a new post-Covid economy

27 October 2021

What follows may not come as a total surprise, given that the Government has leaked most of its good news about transport, health and education in advance. This is why Chancellor Rishi Sunak was sharply reminded by the Deputy Speaker, Dame Eleanor Laing, that MPs expect to hear the news from him, not the media.

NLW will rise to £9.50 in April 2022

26 October 2021

The Treasury has announced that the National Living Wage will increase next April to £9.50 per hour. This represents a 6.6% increase. These new rates will be effective from 1 April 2022.

Flexibility not available to half working mums

25 October 2021

With almost 13,000 working mothers responding to a TUC and Mother Pukka survey on flexible work, it revealed that 50% had had their flexible working request rejected or only accepted in part.

Union leaders call for urgent action to curb rise in Covid

25 October 2021

As the Prime Minister continues to insist that while the number of Covid infections is “high”, it is in line with predictions, unions representing millions of public and customer-facing workers have come together to urge immediate action.

New hybrid ways of working face new cyber threats

22 October 2021

Marking Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the British Standards Institution (BSI) has stressed the importance of having secure IT systems and effective cybersecurity practices in place for organisations developing hybrid working procedures.

Plan B is not yet needed and “there is no Plan C”

21 October 2021

In September, we gave details of the Government’s preparations for dealing with possible increases in rates of infection from the coronavirus as the winter months approach (see Winter plan for managing Covid and Government prepares for Plan B).

Jaguar Land Rover to pay more attention to equality law

20 October 2021

After an employee successfully claimed in a tribunal case that she had suffered abuse and a lack of support, Jaguar Land Rover Ltd has signed a legal agreement with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Supply Chain Taskforce has big job on its hands

19 October 2021

According to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), the proportion of firms struggling to recruit staff has shown steep and sometimes record increases across most sectors.