Government publishes shale gas SEA

18 December 2013

“Large-scale shale gas production by the 2020s could boost the UK’s energy security, contribute to economic growth, create thousands of jobs and plough almost £1 billion back to local communities through benefit schemes,” according to a Government-commissioned independent assessment carried out by AMEC.

UK progress on cyber security

17 December 2013

Two years after the publication of the National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS), the Government has published a progress report on how the UK is being protected and promoted in a digital world.

New test for diesel particulate filters

17 December 2013

With effect from February 2014, tests for diesel cars and lorries are to be tightened up to ensure that vehicles still have a critical exhaust filter if one was originally fitted as standard.

EU- Ukraine Free-Trade Agreement

17 December 2013

The EU-Ukraine Free Trade Association (FTA) negotiations in November 2013 were put on hold when the Ukrainian president announced his intention that his country would instead join the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan. This provoked large public demonstrations in the Ukranian capital, Kiev, in favour of EU membership. Whether Ukraine intends to apply for membership of the EU or of the Russian Customs Union is still unclear.

HCA welcomes housing investment

16 December 2013

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) has welcomed £1 billion of new investment under the Local Infrastructure Fund, announced by the Chancellor in his Autumn Statement.