Last reviewed 6 September 2021

It’s Zero Waste Week, the time when we are all encouraged to step up as Zero Waste Heroes. This award-winning annual campaign encourages householders, businesses, and community groups to increase recycling, reduce non-recyclable landfill waste and participate in the circular economy, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals. For local authorities in particular, this is an ideal opportunity to spread the word about reducing waste and living more sustainably.

The brainchild of waste warrior Rachelle Strauss, Zero Waste Week is now in its fourteenth year. Rachelle says "it’s clear that the Great British Public has a growing concern about the effects of waste on our planet and our health. That’s why I’m delighted to announce that the aim of this year’s campaign is to illustrate how a Zero Waste lifestyle is one of the easiest ways to tackle this issue within your home and business.

“It’s vital that businesses, governments and citizens come together in a bid to call time on the vast number of resources we are wasting. By making Zero Waste Week accessible to all, we can make a huge difference and I look forward to building on the success of previous campaigns.”

Each year the Week has a theme. This year’s campaign takes a fresh approach, in recognition of the effectiveness of peer-to-peer influence. The Zero Waste Week team will crowdsource the content, gathering stories and hacks from as-yet unsung Zero Waste Heroes.

Local authorities and organisations are being encouraged to conduct a social media campaign, publicising Zero Waste Week to encourage people to get involved, both by sharing their stories and taking practical action to reduce waste.

For a mere £6, interested organisations can purchase a pack with all they need to run their own campaign. It’s important to point out that the information in the pack should not be shared or publicised until the Week starts, to maximise the impact and sense of occasion. The pack contains a set of memorable quotes from Waste Heroes and Ambassadors which can be printed out or posted on social media. For each day of the week there is a suggested social media post with links to a daily blog. Members of the public are given a daily challenge to take them a small step further towards a zero-waste lifestyle. By the end of the week, the hope is that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be bursting with practical, entertaining and sometimes amusing stories and hacks.

It’s free to participate, interested parties can sign up here and receive daily emails.