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Workplace trends for 2017


A new report from Sodexo, 2017 Global Workplace Trends, has highlighted a series of critical factors that are likely to shape workplaces during 2017. It shows that connectivity, innovation and uncertainty are “rewriting the rules of the workplace”; that next generation working styles are being defined by “individuality, inclusiveness and techno-literacy”; and that there will be more robots in the workplace.

The trends portray a workplace that aims to meet both personal and business goals by blending work life with outside life — a workplace that caters for the needs of employees of all ages, through improvements in wellbeing, space design and learning opportunities.

Sylvia Metayer of Sodexo explained that it is “critical for business leaders to recognise the underlying trends driving change, to evaluate their significance and stay ahead of — rather than follow — them”. Sodexo continually monitors workplace trends and their impact on employees. It believes that the quality of life at work contributes substantially to the success of organisations.

Some of the trends for 2017 are cited as:

  • an agile organisation that strikes a balance between speed and stability

  • a rise in cross-workplaces, whereby interaction leads to innovation

  • employees without borders; understanding the impact of migration and workers’ needs

  • how robots and advances in artificial intelligence are transforming work

  • intergenerational learning to develop talent

  • understanding what drives each generation

  • personal branding for both employees and employers

  • redefining the workplace experience and ensuring wellness, using design principles.

Last reviewed 17 February 2017

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You are viewing free content from a subscription product

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