Last reviewed 22 December 2021

Part of the Cabinet Office, the Disability Unit has launched a consultation on the topic of workforce reporting on disability — both voluntary and mandatory — for large employers (250 employees and above).

With full details available at, responses are sought before the deadline of 25 March 2022. It is intended that a response will be published by 17 June 2022.

The National Disability Strategy, published in July 2021, recognises the importance of enabling disabled people to obtain, retain and progress in work. A key commitment in the Strategy is to consult on the issue of workforce reporting on disability for large employers, exploring voluntary and mandated workplace transparency.

“This consultation is an important step in ensuring we have the best evidence to inform our approach as we seek to ensure inclusive workplaces, increase opportunities for disabled people and tackle the disability employment gap,” the Disability Unit explained.

There is currently a voluntary reporting framework which provides support to employers to voluntarily report information on disability, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Minister for Disability, Health and Work, Chloe Smith, said: “Beyond the benefits for individuals and families, so much talent and potential is too often wasted now. Making the most of disabled people’s skills is not just good for employees but also for businesses, with evidence that a more diverse workforce leads to improved financial returns”.

Comment by Kate Palmer, HR Advice and Consultancy Director at Peninsula

Much like gender and ethnicity reporting, disability reporting encourages organisations to proactively consider how well they support individuals from under-represented groups.

Doing so highlights areas of the business which is not as disability friendly as it could be, which in turn helps employers understand where more reasonable adjustments are needed.

The result of such reporting enables organisations to improve their diversity and inclusion levels and reap the rewards of a dynamic workforce who are motivated to provide the best performance they can for their employer.