Last reviewed 20 November 2020

The World Customs Organization (WCO) has announced the release of the HS 2022 Correlation Tables after the Harmonised System Committee (HSC) completed its examination of the correlations put forward.

“While not legal instruments,” the WCO noted, “the Correlation Tables have become essential tools for members and the wider trade community in preparing for the introduction of a new edition of the HS.”

Available at, the tables provide guidance on the correlations between the Seventh Edition of the Harmonised System (HS), which comes into force on 1 January 2022 and the current HS 2017 (Sixth Edition) of the HS.

Correlation Tables HS 2017 — 202

Two tables have been released.

  • Table І establishes the correlation between the 2022 version and the 2017 version of the HS. It also includes remarks against many of the correlations, briefly specifying the nature of the goods transferred and, where appropriate, referencing other relevant amended legal provisions in the HS.

  • Table ІІ establishes the correlation starting from the 2017 version to the 2022 version. As a simple mechanical transposition of Table І, it does not include a reproduction of the remarks.

Additional information about the Correlation Tables is available from national Customs administrations. Email addresses of the relevant officials, including in the UK, can be found at

The EU’s Combined Nomenclature (CN), which is used in determining which rate of customs duty applies to trade in goods, is partly-based on the Harmonised System (HS) Nomenclature.