Last reviewed 3 August 2022

More than 3500 businesses risk significant delays to importing goods if they fail to move to the UK’s new streamlined customs system, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has warned.

Businesses submitting import declarations must use the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) from 1 October 2022, it explained, as the present Customs Handling Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system will then close for import declarations.

Businesses should check that their customs agents are ready to use the CDS, HMRC advised, and those without a customs agent must set themselves up to make their own declarations using software that works with the new system.

Full details about the CDS and how it will work can be found at

HMRC has welcomed the fact that many businesses have already moved to the new system but is concerned at the number who have yet to make the transposition.

Julie Etheridge, HMRC’s Director of Programme and Operational Delivery for Borders and Trade, said: “There are now only two months left until businesses must use CDS for imports. Businesses need to move now or risk being unable to bring their goods into the UK. Registering takes time so businesses should start moving to the Customs Declaration Service to ensure a smooth transition and avoid disruption to their business.”

Traders can register or check they have access to the CDS at and access live customer support services for additional help at goods.