Last reviewed 9 February 2021

Taxi and private hire vehicle drivers in Wales will be able to claim a free pack of high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) and vehicle cleaning materials, funded by the Welsh Government.

The move is intended to increase confidence in travelling safely for drivers and passengers and to bring this sector into closer alignment with other public transport operators in Wales.

The pack will contain medical grade reusable face coverings and hand sanitiser, as well as all-purpose sanitiser, cloths, wipes and gloves so vehicles can be effectively cleaned between passengers.

Medical grade face coverings have been chosen to provide enhanced protection over standard face coverings.

The Welsh Government is strongly recommending that drivers should wear face coverings when transporting passengers if this does not interfere with their ability to drive safely.

The chosen face coverings are intended to be comfortable to wear for a long period of time. The legal requirement for passengers to wear face coverings remains in place.

Each pack is worth £73.50, including free postage and packing, and drivers will be able to apply at

Ken Skates, Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales, said: “Taxis and private hire vehicles are an essential part of our public transport network and we appreciate the vital role drivers have played as frontline workers during this pandemic.”

The Government recognises that drivers are keen to make their vehicles as safe, clean and hygienic as possible, he went on, and these packs will contribute to the ongoing efforts they are making.

The initiative is a partnership between the National Procurement Service, the Welsh Local Government Association, PPE suppliers Lyreco and local authorities.