Last reviewed 19 November 2020

The Welsh Government is asking for comments on how to deal with alleged misconduct of senior officers working in local authorities, including the chief executive, the monitoring officer and the chief finance officer.

In October 2019 the Minister for Housing and Local Government commissioned a review into the arrangements for dealing with alleged misconduct of senior officers within local government in Wales.

The aim of the review was to consider whether the current arrangements in Wales remain fit for purpose.

Following receipt of the review’s final report (to which a link is provided in the consultation document), the Welsh Government is inviting comments on recommendations including potential changes to the Local Government (Standing Orders) (Wales) Regulations 2006.

Whilst the review concluded the current arrangements remain broadly fit for purpose, there were some areas where it proposed changes aimed at improving a number of aspects of the current arrangements.

Full details of these can be found at and the deadline for submitting responses is 10 February 2021.

Possible changes

The suggested amendments concern:

  • the meaning of misconduct in the arrangements

  • the sanctions used when the Designated Independent Person has made a recommendation

  • choosing the Designated Independent Person and the cost of the appointment

  • the role of the Investigating Committee

  • the relationship between the Designated Independent Person and the Investigating Committee

  • the Designated Independent Person’s power of direction and sanction

  • interaction with external investigations

  • interaction with contractual terms and policies

  • legal representation.