Last reviewed 20 June 2022

The Unite union, which represents 20,000 London bus workers has reacted angrily to the proposals, currently out for consultation, which would see inner London bus services cut by at least 4% including around 16 routes.

We reported earlier this month that reductions in Government funding were forcing Transport for London (TfL) to consider reductions in bus services in parts of the capital (see TfL seeks views on reducing bus routes into London).

Unite fears that the jobs of bus workers, including engineers, cleaning and catering staff, will be put at risk and that the reduction in routes will also hit drivers’ earnings, given that many currently rely on overtime and rest day working to top up their pay.

General secretary, Sharon Graham, said: “Unite will not allow our bus members to carry the can for a funding row between TfL and the government. We will defend our members to the hilt from any attempts to make them pay for this crisis with pay cuts and job losses. Why should TfL workers pay for a crisis which is not of their making.”

TfL claims that the service cuts are focused on routes which mirror rail or tube lines and where demand has decreased since the pandemic occurred and numbers have not yet recovered.

Details of the proposed changes to bus routes into central London can be found — here.