Last reviewed 8 September 2021

We reported in August 2021 that the UK’s new Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) had issued its first recommendation to counter unfair import practices (see Government backs new trade body’s anti-dumping measures).

Although the Secretary of State for International Trade had accepted the proposal with regard to the UK transition review of the steel safeguard measure, the TRA has now decided to reconsider its findings.

This is because it received submissions from five domestic steel producers and three submissions from importers and UK manufacturers requesting such a move, and reconsiderations are an established part of the UK’s trade remedies regime.

They ensure that businesses can continue to make their case once a decision that affects them has been made.

At the end of the reconsideration process, the TRA will reach a new decision, either upholding or varying its recommendation, and will notify this to International Trade Secretary Liz Truss. This review may take several months.

In June 2021, the TRA recommended extending the UK’s steel safeguard measure across 10 product categories for three years and revoking the measure on nine product categories.

This recommendation was accepted by Ms Truss who also provided for a 12-month extension of the current protections for five of the nine product categories originally recommended for revocation.

The review will consider, within the rules set in the UK’s safeguard regulatory framework and the underlying World Trade Organisation (WTO) obligations, whether the TRA recommendation was correct.

All relevant material, including additional information provided by interested parties, will be considered.