The United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria, seventh revised edition is now available on the UNECE website.

It is available in English and French and from now on, the Manual will be entitled Manual of Tests and Criteria.

The amendments include:

  • A full review of the text of the Manual to facilitate its use in the context of the GHS.

  • A new test under test series 8, to determine the sensitiveness of a candidate ammonium nitrate emulsion or suspension or gel, intermediate for blasting explosive, to the effect of intense localised thermal ignition under high confinement (sub-section 18.8).

  • New provisions addressing classification of polymerizing substances for transport.

  • Stability tests for nitrocellulose mixtures (new Appendix 10).

  • A compilation of classification results on industrial nitrocellulose in accordance with Chapter 2.17 of the GHS which can be used for the classification of industrial nitrocellulose-based products (new Appendix 11).

Further information is available on the UNECE website.

Last reviewed 24 January 2020