Last reviewed 24 May 2022

Food and drink exports across the UK are recovering from the challenges of the pandemic with manufacturers taking advantage of new trading relationships across the world, according to research by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

In its latest report, available here, the Federation highlights that Scotland, Wales, the West Midlands and the North East of England had the strongest export growth.

This suggests, it goes on, an encouraging recovery from the supply chain problems caused by Covid and that businesses are adapting to the new UK-EU trading relationship.

While Scotland accounts for the largest share of UK food and drink exports, with almost 30% of total exports worth £5.7 billion, the FDF report shows that Wales is the only UK nation to exceed pre-Covid export levels.

This was driven by strong exports of cereals, up 173% since 2020, and now worth nearly £140m to the economy.

The share of exports to non-EU markets is increasing, but the FDF argues that more can be done to improve the implementation of the UK-EU trade agreement to help companies recover exports in the EU alongside growing market share in other global markets.

Chief Executive Karen Betts said: “It’s very encouraging to see exports starting to recover across many parts of the UK, with companies starting to pull out of COVID-related disruption and adapting to the UK’s new trading relationships with countries around the world. Every product we export is rooted in our culture and our communities, and it’s great to see that our food and drink is sought out by consumers all over the world.”