Last reviewed 22 November 2019

Over 1800 trucks were prevented from continuing their journeys, until they had been returned to a safe condition, during October’s Europe-wide TISPOL Control Week.

TISPOL, a body established by the traffic police forces of Europe in order to improve road safety and law enforcement on the roads of the continent, welcomed the involvement of 29 countries in its latest exercise.

Some 227,000 lorries were stopped and checked with 49,926 found to be non-compliant mainly in regard to speed, legislation on driving and rest times and tachograph settings.

Over 7600 truck drivers breached Europe-wide valid social regulations, meaning they drove their vehicle for longer than legally allowed without complying with the mandatory breaks, TISPOL explained.

Manipulations of digital tachographs were detected in 664 cases, a big rise on the number found during the last check, in July, when the total was 370.

“Unfortunately,” TISPOL reported, “220 drivers were also found taking part in road traffic under the influence of alcohol, as well as 47 drivers under the influence of drugs.”

In over 6500 cases serious technical defects were found in vehicles inspected and the load securing was insufficient in a further 1600 trucks.

Offences in the dangerous goods sector were relatively few in view of the large number of vehicles examined but the 711 violations found was more than 200 more than were uncovered in the same period in 2018.