Last reviewed 8 October 2019

Crossrail workers on the Bond Street project downed tools at the start of last week following the death of a second colleague within seven days. This follows the death of another worker in June, with all three suspected to have had heart attacks.

Concerns have been raised to main contractor Costain Skanska Joint Venture (CSJV) over high levels of dust and limited oxygen underground on the construction site at Bond Street, where some workers find themselves five levels below ground.

A spokesperson for CSJV said: “Independent air quality monitoring at Bond Street is conducted at regular intervals as well as for specific planned construction activities.

“This monitoring has never revealed anything concerning or unexpected. Any concerns raised about health and safety on site will always be fully investigated with the appropriate action always taken.”

According to the Mirror, a worker has claimed that dust monitors had been showing as red in recent months.

One worker also told “No one is happy. A lot of people knew the guys, it’s not a nice environment on site at the moment.

“Everyone’s at each other’s throats. Management are clearly more interested in making sure that it doesn’t get out, really they are trying to keep everything quiet.”

These contradictory statements highlight just how divisive health and safety can become on a construction project and the importance of working closely with all stakeholders to ensure a positive and engaging health and safety culture onsite.

With the support of Unite, the Union behind the workers, it might not be too long before the Health and Safety Executive is on site to investigate.