Last reviewed 7 November 2019

During Busworld Europe 2019, held in Brussels during October, more than 20 vehicles were examined by an international jury before Busworld Awards were awarded in the bus and coach category.

The Grand Award Bus went to the hydrogen-powered Van Hool Exqui.City 18 which has a 300 kilometre capacity of operational autonomy, totally surpassing that of other vehicles. It has also been awarded the Ecology Bus label.

The jury praised the safety features, the completely separated driver's desk with centrally located controls, the excellent visibility for the driver and the multitude of cameras covering the entire external area of the bus.

The Grand Award Coach was given to the Volvo 9900. Designed and built in Poland, it earned good scores on design, maintenance, ride quality, comfort and acceleration.

The passive and active safety automated fire extinguishing system, black box system (on board computer), driver passive safety (energy absorption zone) and the passenger safety (light entrance and exit) all impressed the judges and the vehicle also won the Safety Award.

The predominance of mainly electrically powered buses was striking, it was noted, and the members of the jury also observed some general trends.

First, they noted that guide media have been greatly improved with multimedia, WIFI, laptop connection and mobile devices with screens and sound all showing significant changes.

Second, there was clear evidence that cameras are replacing mirrors.

Finally, they highlighted that Yutong and, by extension, all Chinese manufacturers have made significant progress in general and already meet European standards in many areas.

For example, the Design Coach Award was won by Yutong. The jury said that the finishing and placement of the interior, equipment and components “were very accurate”.

The same company won the Ecology Coach Award for its ICe12 which, as well as using numerous recycled materials, was the only electric vehicle in the coach category ensuring that it performed much better in terms of emissions than the other vehicles.