Last reviewed 3 March 2020

Reduced speed limits came into force across 8.9 kilometres of London roads within the Congestion Charging Zone on Monday 2 March, Transport for London (TfL) has announced.

The new 20mph speed limits will be enforced across all TfL roads within the Congestion Charging Zone — including Millbank, Victoria Embankment and Borough High Street — following strong public support for the proposals.

Last year's consultation drew nearly 2000 responses from the public, with half of respondents saying that a 20mph speed limit would have a positive impact on walking.

Almost two-thirds thought that the proposals would lead to more people cycling and four in 10 thought that the proposals would have a positive impact on public transport.

The limits are supported by new signage and road markings, with raised pedestrian crossings being installed in prominent locations where a high number of people walk, including near Embankment and Tower Hill Underground stations and outside the Tate Britain.

TfL will recalibrate all the speed cameras in central London and will work closely with the Metropolitan Police to ensure that drivers are complying with the new safer speed limits.

Comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of the new 20mph speed limit will assess the success of the physical measures in lowering speeds. TfL will use this assessment to decide whether more traffic calming measures are needed in central London and where they should be introduced on other parts of the road network.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “By cutting speed limits on TfL’s roads within the Congestion Zone we are saving lives, while at the same time making our streets more appealing for Londoners to walk and cycle around the capital.”

TfL aims to introduce safer speed limits across a further 140km of its road network, focusing on high-risk sections of road, town centres where people walk and cycle, and streets neighbouring ambitious local speed reduction programmes led by London boroughs.

The 20mph consultation report is available at