Companies are already beginning to prepare for trading in a post-coronavirus world, recognising that there will be major changes as a result of lessons learned during the pandemic.

DP World, which runs terminals in Southampton and at London Gateway, on the River Thames estuary, has published ambitious plans to digitise the management of logistics in order to increase the efficiency, visibility and resilience of global supply chains.

The connected online logistics tools and services are intended to enable freight forwarders, and any business, to book shipments of cargo from and to anywhere in the world, by any combination of sea, land and air.

DP World Chief Operating Officer for Logistics and Technology, Mike Bhaskaran, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that we must do all we can to make supply chains stronger to keep trade flowing, even in times of unprecedented challenges for the world. DP World's vision is to digitalise supply chains leveraging our worldwide infrastructure of ports, terminals, economics zones and other assets.”

He explained that DP World has accelerated the already planned roll-out of the platforms to help companies meet the challenge of the COVID-19 crisis and keep trade flowing including vital food and medical supplies.

The company already has more than 150 operations in over 50 countries.

According to Mr Bhaskaran, the digital trade and logistics platforms will leverage this network of real-world infrastructure to offer end-to-end supply chain services, helping to keep trade moving during the current crisis and then to meet the demand of world markets.

Last reviewed 1 May 2020